Why Trump can't be trusted on Iran

Dear friend:

We must not let President Donald Trump’s ego or whim lead us into an unnecessary war with Iran.

I shared my thoughts about this in an op-ed published Monday night by CNN. In that piece, I noted that the decision to kill Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad lacked two key elements that any American military strategy must have: the trust of the American people and allies to back us up.

The world is full of bad actors, but we must be careful that our ways of dealing with them don’t compromise our national security and our long-term goals. Yet the President made this decision alone, and without a clear plan for dealing with the probable consequences. From the op-ed:

​“An American president should be knowledgeable, thoughtful and trustworthy enough to discharge his or her duties as commander in chief without immediately being second-guessed. Sadly, that is not how President Trump governs.

“President Trump's past actions have alienated and angered our allies. And he has forfeited the benefit of the doubt by barraging us with lies on matters involving Russia, by throwing our own intelligence community and public servants under the bus when they contradict him and by ignoring our military experts' advice whenever it fails to fit into his personal political goals.”

​Congress must and will do its constitutional duty by wielding its powers of the purse and of oversight. Given his abysmal track record, we cannot and will not take him at his word.

Click here to read the entire piece.

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Eric Swalwell
Member of Congress