Afghanistan Immigration Resources

Please do not come to our office in Castro Valley

We can’t let people in due to COVID-19 restrictions, and we can serve everyone more safely and efficiently online or by phone.


Our office continues to receive requests for assistance on a daily basis, and we are working to ensure that we can serve all those with ties to our 15th Congressional District of California while referring others to the appropriate Members of Congress.

According to our most recent briefing from State Department liaisons, efforts continue to evacuate any U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident remaining in Afghanistan, along with their spouses and minor children ONLY – no extended family relatives can be evacuated at this time.

Our State Department liaisons had no information on when commercial and charter travel to and from Afghanistan might resume normal operations. We’re aware that NGOs and other private entities continue to attempt evacuation of Afghan, but we can’t verify and are not permitted to share non-government information. We’re still trying to ascertain what U.S. consular services may be available to Afghan citizens who reach other countries in the region.

Afghan citizens wishing to come to the United States MUST pursue this goal through a formal visa or humanitarian parole process. We cannot file visa applications for you or your loved ones, nor can our office accept and process documents in support of such applications.

We can ask agencies to expedite existing visa and parole applications so that applicants can be as prepared as possible if travel conditions normalize.


The best way for our community to help is by supporting those that have made it here and may need assistance. The State Department works with several NGOs to provide services and relocate refugee families here. That process is explained here:

You can also find the list of the organizations that do this work here: It is organized by state and includes website information for the organizations. I’m sure they would appreciate anything you could do to support them.