Medicare for All, Cures in our Lifetime

Dear friend,

You can learn a lot about our healthcare system by sleeping a few nights in your infant daughter’s hospital room, as I did when our Cricket spent three days in a children’s hospital ICU recently while suffering from a respiratory virus.

It was a scary, strained couple of days; she’s fine now. But what I saw there cemented what I’d already come to believe: We need a health care system in which if you get sick you get seen, as well as one in which if you get seen, you don’t go broke because of it.

I wrote about this over the weekend for NBC News’ THINK opinion section. Click here to check it out. ​

We’ve only nibbled around the edges of the problem of truly affordable health care for decades while more and more Americans have had to choose between paying for a doctor’s visit or paying the rent, or between buying medicine or buying food. That’s appalling.

So, no more half-steps. Ponder your own child’s precious health, and then let’s resolve to do the right thing for our children and their children, too.

As always, I am honored to represent you in Washington, DC, where I remain committed to go big, be bold, and do good to ensure every American has the freedom to dream.

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Eric Swalwell
Member of Congress