Rep. Swalwell Joins Bipartisan Freshmen Letter Calling for Solutions to Economic Challenges

February 14, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Eric Swalwell (CA-15) joined a letter signed by over 30 new Democratic and Republican Members of the House pledging to work together and calling for the President and Congress to do the same to address our country’s economic challenges.  The letter was sent to House leadership and reaffirms the country’s promise to our seniors to preserve Social Security and Medicare, recognizes that both revenue and spending must be part of any solution, and calls on both parties to work together in the nation’s interest.

Swalwell released the following statement:

“I’m proud to join my fellow new Members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, in pledging today to develop a comprehensive long-term solution to our nation’s economic and budgetary challenges.  No one person or political party has all of the answers, and so I believe we must listen to one another to solve our budgetary problems, both large and small.

“Thirty-two Freshmen Members of Congress signed the letter as symbol of our commitment to working together.  Our constituents are tired of the partisan bickering in Washington and have elected us to find solutions to our current unsustainable budgetary path and to help continue economic growth.

“Such big challenges require big solutions, and I came to Congress to do big things.  I look forward to working with all of my colleagues to develop and enact reforms that rise to the level of the difficult choices we face and grow our economy and create jobs. We must end the era of incremental government and the threat of sequestration.

“While both parties must work together and develop bipartisan solutions to reduce our budget deficit and secure our economic future, no one group can be allowed to shoulder the entire burden.  We need to reduce our deficit in a balanced way.  I will not support a plan that breaks our promise to America’s seniors regarding Social Security or Medicare, or one that otherwise balances the budget on the backs of the poor or middle class.  We also cannot rely solely on increased revenue, or avoid reducing wasteful, inefficient, or counterproductive federal spending.

“The American people have said over and over again they expect their Member of Congress to come together to address issues concerning our budget, help speed economic growth, and assist in creating jobs.  I hear their call.  This is a first step towards a bipartisan movement forward.”