East Bay Congressman Meets with Middle East Leaders about Severe ISIL Threat

September 10, 2014
In The News

U.S. Representative Eric Swalwell (CA-15) joined a small bipartisan congressional delegation, led by the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt to meet with heads of state about the growing threat of ISIL and how the international community can work together to destroy the dangerous terrorist organization. Swalwell, a Member of the Homeland Security Committee, discussed ISIL with U.S. allies, including Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Jordanian King Abdullah, and Egyptian President el-Sisi, in addition to U.S. troops and generals in the region:

“The beheading of another U.S. journalist is further evidence of ISIL’s brutality and determination to kill Americans. In the history of terrorism, no group has grown so fast in so little time. I’m in the Middle East meeting with our allies, who are on the front lines of this fight against these barbarous terrorists, and whose cooperation will make the difference between life and death for Americans abroad and at home”

“I emphasized to each leader that although ISIL threatens Americans everywhere, they are an immediate and direct threat to the existence of each allied partner of ours in the Middle East. The United States cannot destroy ISIL alone, in fact, history has shown acting alone in the Middle East has only made us less safe today. Only a coordinated effort, unlike any seen in the last half century, will bring ISIL’s demise.”