Congressman helps locals buying Christmas trees

December 15, 2013
In The News

DUBLIN, Calif. —

In Dublin, those looking to pick the perfect Christmas tree Sunday were by one of the last people expected to be working there: U.S. Congressman Eric Swalwell.

Swalwell told KTVU Sunday that his work at the Morning Glory Farm Christmas Trees was part of his monthly attempt to meet his constituents by doing their jobs.

“I wanted to come by, pitch in, help out. It’s a great way to talk to people and just see what’s on their mind,” said Swalwell.

As part of the “In Your Shoes” program, Swalwell does a different job each month, from paramedic, to park ranger to Christmas tree salesman.

“You can kind of take a temperature of the economy by coming to a Christmas tree lot,” said Swalwell.

Swalwell also uses the temporary jobs to tell people what he’s been up to. The past week’s activities included a 24-hour-fast for immigration reform to work on the congressional science and technology committee.

He says it’s about offering a full complement of services to his constituents from “tree trimming to budget trimming.”

For those who work at the Morning Glory Farm tree stand, as well as those who shop there, the kind of access to a congressman they were granted Sunday meant a lot.

“I feel like I can write him a letter and he might remember me,” said Jim Thompson, a San Ramon resident.

“We appreciate him even more now,” said Thompson’s wife Tina.

Swalwell’s foray into the Christmas tree business lasted just a few hours. Afterward, the Congressman said the next job he planned to try would be in the biotech industry.