Families Belong Together

Dear Neighbor,

As you read this, thousands of children – including infants and children with disabilities – are being separated from their parents and families at our southern border.  These often are families seeking asylum, escaping horrible conditions of violence and poverty, seeking a safe haven and a shot at the American Dream. ​These family separations are the direct result of this Administration’s recent policy changes, which has resulted in young children being ripped from their parents’ arms under a “zero tolerance” rule.  But families belong together.

I am fighting to end this inhumane and un-American practice.  I joined my colleagues in sending a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding immediate answers on this Administration's recent policy changes, which have resulted in the criminalization of asylum seekers and a drastic increase in family separation.  And although this is entirely the result of President Trump’s policy, more than 100 of my Democratic colleagues and I introduced H.R. 6135, the Keep Families Together Act, to end this Administration’s inhumane family separation practices. 

Earlier this week, the Judiciary Committee - on which I sit - held a hearing on Hillary Clinton’s emails.  This is maddening.  I see your text messages, emails and phone calls expressing your disgust about this Administration’s policy causing kids to be separated from their moms and dads and put in cages on our southern border.  Individuals and families being processed through detention facilities deserve to be treated with dignity and they deserve a swift resolution to their case.

Watch online here: Rep. Swalwell Demands the Judiciary Committee Act to Keep Families Together 

This week, my Republican colleagues promised the American people that Congress would take up a legislative solution to resolve our immigration crisis.  Our immigration system is broken and needs comprehensive reform.  We must allow hardworking, skilled immigrants to remain in our country, provide a road map for undocumented workers to earn citizenship, and reduce backlogs to re-unify families.  I am working as your Member of Congress to advance these reforms.

We must continue speaking out against this inhumane policy.  These families need people across the country to fight for them until this Administration ends its inhumane practice. 

As always, it is an honor to serve you in the U.S. Congress. Please visit my website or contact my East Bay office at 510-370-3322 if we can be of service in any way. To stay connected, join me on Twitter @RepSwalwell and Facebook.


Eric Swalwell
Member of Congress