Highway and Transit Member Designated Projects

Rep. Eric Swalwell has submitted funding requests for important highway and transit designated projects in California's 15th District to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.
Federal highway and public transportation programs are funded through multi-year surface transportation authorization acts. Under guidelines issued by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, each Representative may request funding for highway and transit projects in their community – although only a handful may actually be funded. Projects are restricted to a limited number of federal funding streams and limted to surface transportation authorization legislation. Additional information on the resources for Member Designated Projects is available here.
In compliance with House Rules and Committee requirements, Rep. Eric Swalwell has certified that he, his spouse, and his immediate family have no financial interest in any of the projects he has requested.

Projects Requested 

Rep. Eric Swalwell has submitted the following projects to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure; the order in which they are listed does not indicate priority.

Project Name: Valley Link Implementation of Sustainability Blueprint 

Project Sponsor: Tri-Valley – San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority

Location/Description: The 42-mile, 7-station passenger rail project connects the existing Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station in Alameda County to the approved Altamont Corridor Express North Lathrop Station on San Joaquin County Street in downtown Tracy on an 8.7-acre site (7.2 acres of Union Pacific Railroad property and 1.1 acres of City of Tracy property). 

Amount requested: $20 million

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Project Name: New traffic signal at Paseo Padre Parkway and Commerce Drive 

Project Sponsor: City of Fremont

Location: Paseo Padre Parkway at Commerce Drive, Fremont, CA 94555 

Description: This is part of Fremont’s Safer Streets program, to re-engineer Fremont’s transportation system to safely accommodate all travel modes, ages, and abilities, and to calm traffic speeds so that the consequence of traffic crashes does not result in the loss of life. It is noted that a majority of fatal traffic crashes in Fremont occur on streets with speed limits over 40 miles per hour.

Amount requested: $1.2 million

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Project Name: LAVTA Atlantis Operations & Maintenance Facility Construction 

Project Sponsor: Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority

Location: 875 Atlantis Court, Livermore, CA 94551 

Description: This is to provide for the construction of new maintenance and operations buildings to support enhanced public transportation operations in LAVTA’s service area of Livermore, Dublin, and Pleasanton. The project will create more area for bus parking and storage, dispatch services, and maintenance capacity for LAVTA’s growing fleet. The facility is being designed to LEED Gold standards and will include on-site solar for vehicle-charging and facility power. 

Amount Requested: $10 million

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Project Name: Norris Canyon Road Safety Improvement 

Project Sponsor: Contra Costa County Public Works Department 

Location: Norris Canyon Road, unincorporated San Ramon, CA, 94583 

Description: The project will widen approximately 550’ of Norris Canyon Road between Ashbourne Drive and the Alameda County Line. The roadway will be widened approximately 12 to 14 feet to accommodate 11’ travel lanes and 5’ shoulders in each direction. Paved shoulders will serve as Class 2 bicycle lanes and will conform to existing bike lanes on the east end of the project site near Ashbourne drive. The project will also install a Midwest Guardrail System on the south side of Norris Canyon Road near the west end of the project. This guardrail will be approximately 380’ long.

Amount requested: $3 million

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Project Name: BART New Fleet of the Future Maintenance Facility 

Project Sponsor: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) 

Location: BART Hayward Maintenance Complex

Description: BART needs increased maintenance capacity as part of its Fleet of the Future program. The Hayward Maintenance Complex (HMC) will ensure that BART’s maintenance and repair capacity is sufficient to support the new railcar fleet for both the current system and system expansions. The HMC project would consist of acquisition and improvement to four properties on the west side of the existing Hayward Yard for a larger primary repair shop, a new component repair shop, a vehicle overhaul shop, a new central parts warehouse, and a new maintenance and engineer­ing repair shop. It also includes the construction of additional storage tracks for a maximum of 250 vehicles on undeveloped BART property on the east side of the Hayward Yard.

Amount requested: $20 million

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Project Name: Route 238 (Mission Boulevard) Corridor Improvements Phase 3 

Project Sponsors: California Transportation Commission, California State DOT, Alameda County Transportation Commission, City of Hayward 

Location: Route 238, Hayward, CA

Description: Phase 3 improvements will include undergrounding of existing overhead utility lines; reconstruction of existing sidewalks, and curbs and gutters; adjustment of existing driveways to conform to the new sidewalks; installation of new bike lanes -- specifically, cycle track between the parking lane and the sidewalk; planting of new street trees in between the curb and the cycle track; modification and installation of new storm drain inlets to improve drainage; rehabilitation of existing pavement using Cold In-place Recycling and a new pavement overlay; upgrade of intersections to comply with the latest Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility standards; upgrade of existing traffic signal at Sunset Boulevard and improvement of signal timing by adapting to traffic conditions in real time; installation of new signage and relocation of bus stops; installation of conduits for future fiber optic lines; installation of new LED and dimmable street lighting; installation of bulb outs and flashing beacons at crosswalks; and installation of new gateway entry features at Rose Street.

Amount requested: $5.2 million

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Project Name: Alameda County Rail Safety Enhancement Program (RSEP) – Phase A1 

Project Sponsor: Alameda County Transportation Commission, with support of the California Department of Transportation

Location/Description: In response to the Alameda County Goods Movement Plan approved in 2016, individual rail crossings throughout the County were examined to identify crossings and corridors most impacted by rail traffic and to identify where rail crossings can be improved. The crossings analysis considered the following primary factors: Current and potential future rail volumes and routing, annual average daily automobile traffic, accident history and land use sensitivities; and safety ,delay, noise and air quality. Once the crossing analysis identified needed at-grade rail crossing safety improvements, those most impacted and in need of improvements were included in the Rail Safety Enhancement Program (RSEP). The Alameda County Transportation Commission approved the RSEP to advance safety and reduce impacts throughout the County. Implementation of the program will be a two-phased approach, RSEP-A and RSEP-B. The first phase, RSEP-A, includes crossings that are likely candidates for expedited implementation. These near-term upgrades will have significant and immediate positive safety impacts for local communities.

Amount Requested: $21.5 million

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Project Name: Mission Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project in the Cherryland and Ashland areas

Project Sponsor: Alameda County Public Works Agency

Location: Cherryland and Ashland communities, unincorporated Alameda County, CA, 15th Congressional District

Description: The Mission Blvd. Corridor Improvement Project located from 1-238 to the Hayward City limit at Rose Street will beautify and revitalize the corridor. When the project is completed, residents, community members and busi­nesses will enjoy safety features and enhanced oppor­tunities for walking, biking, and riding public transit, as well as an improved driving experience. The project features new sidewalks, enhanced crosswalks, new bikeways, intersection bulb-outs, pavement resurfacing, pedestrian-scale lighting, street tree planting, utility undergrounding, fiber optic conduits, bus boarding islands, decorative street furnishings, and public art elements.

Amount Requested: $20 million

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Project Name: Interstate 880 Interchange Improvement Project – Whipple Road-Industrial Parkway Southwest and Industrial Parkway West

Project Sponsor: Alameda County Transportation Commission

Location: Within the cities of Hayward and Union City in Alameda County, CA, 15th Congressional District

Description: The I-880 Interchange Improvements Project aims to improve traffic operations and safety at the I-880/Whipple Road-Industrial Parkway Southwest and I-880/Industrial Parkway West interchanges by improving accessibility and enhancing mobility to the City of Hayward Industrial Technology and Innovation Corridor. The project would include interchange on-and off-ramp reconfigurations, modifications and/or replacement of bridge structures, local roadway realignments and restriping, and bicycle and pedestrian improvements in the cities of Hayward and Union City, in Alameda County.

Amount requested: $20 million

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Project Name: I-680 Zero Emission Express Bus Rolling Stock 

Project Sponsor: Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Location: Interstate 680 Corridor between Dublin in Alameda County and Martinez in Contra Costa County

Description: This will fund a new, critical hydrogen fuel cell Express Bus service along the Interstate 680 Corridor between the Martinez Amtrak station and the BART Dublin/Pleasanton station – with intermediate stops at Walnut Creek BART and the Bollinger Canyon Park-n-Ride lot – extending to the ACE Pleasanton station during peak periods. This funding will enable the purchase of vehicles for service to begin in 2022 utilizing six hydrogen fuel cell express buses.

Amount Requested: $8 million

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Project Name: Link21 Program Development 

Project Sponsor: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Location: Northern California Megaregion 

Description: Link21 is a multiyear, multiphase program to create an integrated rail network for Northern California.  Link21 is currently in an early stage of development. In this phase, BART and Capitol Corridor are building a robust framework for technical analyses and laying the groundwork for transparent and inclusive decision-making. BART and Capitol Corridor are soliciting the public's input on these early-stage evaluations. At the end of this early stage, there will be an initial list of program alternatives. The Link21 program alternatives will include several projects that act together to achieve the program vision and goals.

Amount requested: $250 million

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Project Name: Tesla Road Rural Safety Improvement Project

Project Sponsor: Alameda County Public Works Agency

Location: Eastern unincorporated Alameda County, CA, 15th Congressional District 

Description: Tesla Road is a rural arterial roadway connecting Alameda County and San Joaquin County. The Alameda County Public Works Agency plans to improve Tesla Road from Greenville Road to the Alameda/San Joaquin County Line, taking into account the safety needs of roadway users; including preserving the environment, natural waterways and land; improving traffic safety; and promoting livability and multi-modal integration.

Amount requested: $19.2 million

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