Future Forum: Our Mission


Our Mission

#FutureForum, established in 2015, is a group of young Democratic Members of Congress committed to listening to and standing up for the next generation of Americans. We care about the issues facing young Americans, like student debt, college affordability, and declining millennial entrepreneurship, because we ourselves are young Americans. The millennial generation, now the largest living generation, is facing challenges that we can’t afford to ignore.

#FutureForum believes it is not enough to talk about millennials; Members of Congress must listen to and engage with millennials to solve these challenges. That’s why we’re traveling across the nation to talk with young people where they are about the issues that matter most to them, and take those lessons to the Floor of the House of Representatives. From the crisis of ever-increasing student loan debt to the decline of homeownership and job security among millennials, these problems require an all-hands on deck approach. #FutureForum is here to give millennials the voice they need and deserve in their government.