Congressman Eric Swalwell

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Rep. Swalwell Statement on Syria

September 3, 2013

PLEASANTON, CA – U.S. Representative Eric Swalwell (CA-15) released the following statement on the possibility of American military intervention in Syria:

“I spent the last week in the Middle East and Afghanistan where I was briefed by generals and intelligence officials on the situation in Syria. The evidence is overwhelming that the Assad regime used chemical weapons to massacre innocent civilians, including children.

“The use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime is horrific and must have serious consequences so it does not happen again. I will consider a limited U.S. military response. However, I want to make clear that I stand in strong opposition to putting troops on the ground.

“The resolution proposed by the President is too broad and I cannot support it in its current form. Any resolution to authorize force must have clear language limiting the scope and duration of American involvement.”



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